The 5% Club Case Study: Chris Fisher

In the first of our series examining success stories from The 5% Club’s partners, meet Chris Fisher, an former graduate at QinetiQ who is now a Naval Architect.



Joined: September 2009 as a Naval Architect at Haslar Marine Technology Park

Studied: ‘Ship Science’ (naval architecture) between 2005-09 at University of Southampton, gaining a MEng.

Role: My role mainly involves assessing different aspects of ship and submarine performance (e.g. powering, manoeuvring, stability and seakeeping), either through full scale trials and data or series of model tests. Much of the work is on current and future naval shipbuilding projects.

Some of my highlights and achievements include conducting through-build inspections, acceptance trials and delivering the new QinetiQ Loch Goil workboat built in Holland. I organised and managed the QinetiQ Schools’ Powerboat Challenge for the last 3 years to support STEM activities with school pupils.


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