Dale Apprentices Connect Bedford Hospital

The 5% Club Dale Power Solutions

The project

Bedford Hospital contacted Dale Power Solutions to request a significant upgrade for their two standby diesel generators. The upgrade would allow both generators to synchronise onto a new control and distribution power within the hospitals plant room.

Carrying out this upgrade was designed to increase the resilience of the hospitals power infrastructure which would, in turn, enable the Trust to participate in the nationwide Demand Response scheme.

Demand Response scheme

The Demand Response scheme provides owners of generators a steady revenue stream in exchange for the power grid using the generators for a small amount of time on a regular basis.

This scheme is in place given recent national fears in demand which is nearly exceeding available grid power.

Critical milestone

To enable the exportation of power the facility required power distribution interconnector cabling to be installed from the plant room to the incoming mains switch room. This critical milestone in the upgrade project involved one kilometre of cable, weighing in at almost one and a half tonnes!

To install a kilometre of cable weighing in at almost 1 1/2 tonnes in less than a week is an achievement that these four young craftsmen should be proud of—well done!”

Dave Callaghan, Project Manager at Dale Power Solutions


Four apprentices, four days

With such a significant upgrade project underway it was a perfect opportunity for some of the company’s Apprentices to gain experience in the field.

Under the supervision of  Project Manager Dave Callaghan and Service Engineer Tom Sadler,  Apprentices Rose Hardwick, Jonathan Davis, Chris Burton and Jordan Legge arrived in Bedford kitted out and all set to connect Bedford Hospital.

Installing the cable was no easy task as the route was through five brick walls internal and external to the buildings. To make matters worse the cable had to be installed on containment which was four meters above the ground.

The Apprentices adapted very quickly to their circumstances and got to work immediately. Each  Apprentice brought different skills so they made sure to play to these strengths to achieve optimum efficiency.

Their knowledge and skills were put to the test but they were able to complete their task before the end of the week! “This is another great example of how Dale Apprentices have a significant positive impact upon the company’s day-to-day activities. The skills learnt will follow them into their various engineering careers within the company   after they have finished their Apprenticeship.”

Mark Carter, Business Support Manager of Dale Power Solutions

What they learnt

Throughout the cabling installation each Apprentice learnt many new lessons and skills in engineering.

One thing they all learnt was the importance of prioritising work and sticking to time limits which had been set. This skill was greatly utilised as the installation was finished before the week was up.

The key to installing such a large amount of cabling was team work. They soon learnt the importance of recognising each other’s strengths and working with them to ensure the most efficient installation process.

Limitless opportunities

Dale Power Solutions award winning apprentice academy is renowned for developing young people through an engineering apprenticeship and into long and successful careers. 25% of Dale Power Solutions workforce is comprised of current and former Apprentices who include it’s Chief Executive.

Both Advanced and Higher Apprenticeships are on offer and are a mixture of academic content and hands on engineering. The final year placement will be one of several potential future career paths within the business with tailored career development designed for each apprentice.

To learn more about The 5% Club member Dale Power Solutions, visit their website or follow them on Twitter.


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