Prince Charles Promotes Scarborough Engineering Week

The 5% Club_DalePowerSolutions


The 5% Club’s Dale Power Solutions are proud to sponsor and exhibit at this year’s Scarborough Engineering Week to help promote engineering and careers in Science, Technology and Mathematics.

As a leading employer and engineering firm in Scarborough, Dale Power Solutions are committed to promoting careers in STEM subjects, and as part of that they have a long standing apprenticeship programme dating back to the 1940s.

In the past 12 months, DPS have created 30 new jobs in the region and have plans to double their service business and increase manufacturing, with apprenticeships very much at the centre of their strategy.

Speaking of Scarborough Engineering Week, Dale Power Solutions said:

“We must therefore do all we can to promote engineering and apprenticeships and the 5% Club helps with this but we recognise that we must continue working closely with our local community. The 5% Club demonstrates our commitment to apprenticeships which in turn provides confidence to our local community that joining Dale as an apprentice means you can have an exciting and stimulating career for years to come.

Scarborough-Engineering-Week-660x300Each and every year new partners are added to help raise the bar by showcasing new, exciting technology. However, this on its own is not enough. We must ensure that our educational strategy continues to change the perception of twenty-first century engineering to students, parents and teachers. Otherwise, we may fall short of our key objectives in ensuring that Scarborough has a successful future on the world stage.”

In full support of Scarborough Engineering Week, Prince Charles writes:

“The work which Scarborough Engineering Week is promoting could hardly be more important or more timely.

This year there will be around 87,000 vacancies in the engineering profession with only 51,000 qualified engineers available to fill the roles. Another alarming statistic is there is a need for 69,000 level three engineering apprenticeships each year for the next ten years, while only 27,000 young people are actually being recruited annually. The gap shows the scale of the challenge facing business, government, education and voluntary organisations as they try to meet this growing demand. However, it also shows the scale of the opportunity available to those with the vision to grasp it.

I have long been concerned about youth unemployment and, in particular, I am keen to encourage young people to take up careers in areas where the United Kingdom has skill shortages. Young people are missing out on rewarding careers due to misconceptions about engineering being an outmoded and declining profession, rather than the fast-growing high-tech and hugely diverse sector that it is.

It is of vital importance to this nation that we inspire our young people to become the engineers of tomorrow. That is why I am so heartened by Scarborough’s splendid initiative and I am most grateful to local and regional businesses for taking the time to provide an insight into careers not just in Engineering, but also in the core skills of Science, Technology and Mathematics which are essential to success in this field.

As you celebrate the firth year in Scarborough Engineering Week, I send my warmest greetings and wish you every possible success. “

Scarborough Engineering Week will be open to the public on Monday 13th – Thursday 16th October, 4pm-7pm.



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