Communication Regulator Ofcom join The 5% Club

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We are delighted to welcome Ofcom to The 5% Club.

Best known as an independent communication regulator and competition authority, Ofcom is involved across TV, radio, telecoms, mobiles, postal service and even the airwaves that are used to run wireless devices.

However, they are also incredibly aware that as technology changes the shape of our society, so do the demands required of employers and businesses. This is why they have joined The 5% Club, which recognises the value of graduates and apprentices in the work force.

For graduates, Ofcom offer an extensive, intensive job placement scheme that has them moving regularly between projects and departments to help them find out what interests them, what they’re good at, and also ensuring they end up with a broad as well as deep knowledge of the company and the industry.

The apprentices who join the Ofcom Apprenticeship Scheme undertake a two-year programme during which time they become an integral part of the diverse Field Operations team.

Spending time in the field being mentored by an experienced engineer, and dealing with real day-to-day issues, ranging from small-scale local domestic TV interference through to problems with the communications systems of the emergency services and mobile phone networks, they learn from the outset how to be part of this exciting company.

One of their apprentices, Luke Wynn-Jones, started working for Ofcom after his A-Levels in 2013.LukeWynn_Jones PictureBehind his decision to do an apprenticeship rather than attend university, Luke explained, “I was keen to start working but did not want to stop learning. This was the perfect opportunity for me to get helpful, real life work experience and continue to learn.”

For Luke, Ofcom represented a fantastic, if not perfect, opportunity for him to get real life experience, to keep learning but outside of a classroom.

“I chose Ofcom because of my interest in the communications industry and the interesting relevant work that they do to support the growth of UK communication network,” He said, talking about how he now works for the Public Sector Spectrum Release project, which is release a spectrum used by the Ministry of Defence for mobile broadband.

Learning on the job, supplemented by internal and external course, Ofcom supported Luke through the programme as well as helped him to gain further qualifications such as a NVQ level 2 in Business Administration.

He added that he is also currently in the process of doing a Project Management qualification, which will help him not only in the short-term but in the long-term as a leader within the Ofcom team.

The 5% Club are delighted to have Ofcom join the team of businesses investing in the next generation and are sure their programmes will continue to be successful.


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