Maylarch And The 5% Club


Last week Hatti Tweedle, HR & Training Manager for Maylarch Environmental Limited, joined 4 other local SME for a meeting at Abingdon & Witney College with Nick Boles MP- Minister of State for Skills and Equalities & Nicola Blackwood – Conservative Party politician Oxford West and Abingdon.

The short meeting was a focused opportunity for the businesses to put forward their thoughts and ideas; and to discuss the potential changes to the Apprenticeships funding and the introduction of Trailblazer. The importance of Apprentices to all 5 companies was also discussed, focusing on current apprentice levels and the long term planning for recruitment of future ones.


Maylarch currently have 3 Demolition Apprentices at various stages of their apprenticeships and plans to recruit the next intake this year; 1 Asbestos Surveying Apprentice and plans to recruit into a new role of Asbestos Removal Apprentice during the year. To date Maylarch are exceeding their commitment to the 5% Club with 7% of their staff in an Apprentice role.

To find out more about Maylarch and their job opportunities, please visit their website: To find out more information about The 5% Club and how to become a member, please visit or get in touch by emailing


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