Jacobs Joins The 5% Club


Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. announced today that it is has joined The 5% Club to support the UK campaign to raise levels of apprentices and graduates in British businesses.

With 65,000 people globally – 9,000 of whom are located in the UK – Jacobs is committed to developing the next generation of talent.

In the UK, Jacobs has signed The 5% Club Charter pledging that 5% of the company’s overall UK workforce is to be comprised of graduates, technicians and/or apprentices within a five year time frame.

The company’s UK entry level commitment is currently at over 8%, with more than 800 graduates, technicians and apprentices on staff.

In making the announcement, Jacobs Group Vice President Bob Duff said, “We are delighted to support The 5% Club initiative, which supports our drive to increase skills for the industries in which we operate. In 2014 we welcomed some 360+ apprentices and graduates into our UK operations.

“At Jacobs, they have opportunities to enjoy exciting roles across a variety of industry sectors and disciplines, all within a well-structured work-study programme. We create an environment where they can learn, grow, and thrive.”

Jacobs Group Vice President Conor Doyle added, “We are committed to our next generation of Jacobs’ graduates and apprentices. We have a long and successful operational history in the UK and our apprentices and graduates are the future of our business, both here in the UK and across the globe.”

Dr Sam Healy, Programme Director of The 5% Club said, “We’re delighted to welcome Jacobs to the initiative. The company’s existing efforts to invest in the next generation are greatly welcomed and together we can strive towards a brighter future for young people in Britain.”


UntitledJacobs’ senior process engineer Claire Griffiths concluded, “I decided to study for my Chemical Engineering degree as a means to apply science and maths, which I really enjoyed. I then joined the Jacobs Graduate Development Programme in 2008, which enabled me to develop my knowledge across different market sectors and several stages of a project’s execution.

“I’ve had enormous opportunity here, from working with project design and commissioning teams and putting my theory into practice, through to developing my leadership skills. I achieved my Chartered status with IChemE (Institution of Chemical Engineers) and am now looking forward to further building upon my skills to include project engineering and management.”

Jacobs’ UK Graduate Development Programme (GDP) is a three year programme aimed at graduates of all disciplines in their first three years of professional development. The GDP assists the graduate to develop a structured approach to their Continuous Professional Development, and complements the Initial Professional Development schemes of the various Institutions.

Jacobs’ UK Apprenticeship Programme enables school/college leavers to embark on a three/four year programme leading to Design / Project Controls or Construction technician and equivalent roles. Apprentices also have a route to higher education via an HNC and undergraduate degree.

About Jacobs

Jacobs is one of the world’s largest and most diverse providers of technical professional and construction services. We have operations in more than 250 locations across more than 35 countries, and employ more than 65,000 people. Operating in the UK for more than 25 years, Jacobs works on projects across sectors such as oil and gas, refining, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, power, nuclear, defence, building, as well as major infrastructure projects in water, rail, aviation, and roads. Jacobs employs some of the UK’s most experienced technical professional services practitioners; having grown to over 9,000 people at 35 locations across the UK. Find out more about Jacobs and the opportunities they offer by visiting http://www.jacobs.com/

To find out more information about The 5% Club and how to become a member, please visit http://www.5percentclub.org.uk/index.html or get in touch by emailingcontactus@5percentclub.org.uk. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn as well!



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