The war for talent: Who’s winning?

Yesterday, Dr Sam Healy, Programme Director of The 5% Club attended and spoke at the CBI’s ‘War for talent: Who’s winning?’ event at Kings College, London.

sam healyThe 5% ClubSam spoke about businesses’ role in youth unemployment and how it’s so important for businesses to engage with colleges, schools and universities to acquire talented employees.

The CBI, who are a member of The 5% Club, chaired the panel and were joined by other 5% club members, Renishaw and KPMG.

Peter Bowler, Head of Group Human Resources at Renishaw spoke about the importance of developing engineer’s skills set and how mobility is so important in sourcing good talent.

Colm Coffey, HR Director at KPMG gave insight into the company’s experience of social media in recruiting young people.

We also heard from John Greatrex, Group HR Director at Unipart, Professor Karen O’Brien, Vice-Principal of Education at King’s College London and Matthew Wragg, Marketing and Sales Director at Matchtech Group plc.

Sam shared insight into the benefits of joining The 5% Club, how it is a network of businesses that share talent recruitment challenges within the 16- 25 age bracket and how solutions can be sourced from peer learning.

We look forward to the next CBI event and potentially hearing from other companies keen to join the campaign.

To find out more information about The 5% Club and how to become a member, please visit or get in touch by emailing

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