Umbrella Marketing TEAM commits to the next generation by joining The 5% Club

Umbrella Logo Png

Umbrella Marketing TEAM, outsourced marketing and digital services provider, has showcased its commitment to the next generation by joining The 5% Club.

By making the pledge, Umbrella Marketing TEAM has showcased its commitment to creating momentum behind the recruitment of graduates into the workforce. Additionally as the first marketing and digital business to join, the company hope to lead the professional agenda for creating rounded talent in this sector.

Umbrella Marketing TEAM’s fresh ambitious approach brings together established marketing experience with the latest university talents to deliver effective, innovative, and bespoke marketing operations and services.

Claire Davies, Head of Marketing Services at Umbrella Marketing TEAM said: “Our company is committed to ensuring that graduates are given a fair start in business. Here at Umbrella Marketing TEAM we actively source fresh graduates who have a desire to gain practical experience and build a solid foundation to carry forward into their future careers.”

“It’s about offering a job relating to their course and guiding them through the realities of today’s business,” she added.

Chris Airey, Managing Director of Umbrella Marketing TEAM and a UK digital leader proudly said “I started this business with a belief that we could deliver a business model that blends experience with new talent in a way that gives new entrants to the industry a rounded development that I hope they look back on proudly in the future creating a similar motivation to invest in the next generation.”

To find out more information about Umbrella Marketing TEAM and the opportunities the company offers, please visit

To find out more information about The 5% Club and how to become a member, please visit or get in touch by emailing Information about the campaign can also be found onTwitter and LinkedIn.


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