Another Great Step Forward For British Apprentices

Prime Minister David Cameron’s intentions to overhaul British Apprenticeships has been hailed as ‘another great step forward’ by QinetiQ CEO and co-founder of The 5% Club, Leo Quinn.

Cameron spoke to 600 apprentices at the Mini Plant in Oxford on Monday, and revealed his plans introduce year-long apprenticeships that will be graded on a three-point scale to put them on par with qualifications.

Introducing the new initiative, the Prime Minister said: “What we’re announcing is going to make a massive difference to thousands of young people’s lives. It involves 2 things.

“One: we’re saying; if you want an apprenticeship, we’re going to make sure you do the best apprenticeship in the world. The reforms we’re announcing today will put employers in the driving seat and ensure that we deliver high quality training that supports you and our economy for years to come. 

“Two: we’re saying if you need help preparing for an apprenticeship or want to get straight into the world of work, we’ll help you to”.

Leo Quinn welcomed the overhaul and called on British industry to step up their efforts:  “We as employers need to recognize that better apprentice and graduate programmes, and the investment in skills they represent, are critical to our ability to compete effectively for the exports that will drive our economic growth.

“By creating new opportunities for tomorrow’s generation, British industry can help Government schemes such as Trailblazer Pilots to make a lifelong difference to the career prospects of the next generation and their ability to share in our national prosperity.

“What gets measured, gets done, and I call on all companies of all sizes to join The 5% Club and meet the challenge of investing in a generation.”