The 5% Club Case Study: Makena Ireri

As part of our series examining success stories from the members of The 5% Club, meet Makena Ireri, a Civil Engineer graduate from Atkins.

Makena Ireri

Joined: April 2012

Role: Civil Engineer in the Energy (Nuclear) division

I joined Atkins after graduating from the University of Manchester. I have already been involved in a high profile project for EDF, one of major clients. The project – the Sizewell B Emergency Response Centre (ERC) – responds to a report by the Office for Nuclear Regulation which identified lessons to be learned from the events at the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan. I carried out structural design and analysis of various components of the ERC, applying lot of the engineering theory I learned at university.

I was attracted to Atkins by its international reach and the opportunity to work on a range of exciting projects. The graduate training and development route offers mentoring and supplementary courses, and gives individuals the responsibility for their personal development, allowing me to tailor my route to chartership and manage my wider career development goals.